Our vineyards are situated in the heart of the historical Champagne region. They are famous crus Avenay val d’or (grande vallée de la Marne) and Oger ( cote des blancs)
Their characters of terroir (soil, environment and aspect) are very different and enable us to cultivate the 3 grape vines indispensable for Champagne making, which are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.
These three grapes give three different characteristics to the wine:
  • The pinot noir gives power and fruitiness.
  • The chardonnay: freshness, flowery notes, minerals and a great ability to age well.
  • The pinot meunier: Fruitiness and body.
The vineyards are on average older than 35 years old and produce grapes of an exceptional maturity.
For high quality champagne it is necessary to have soil and grapes of equal quality. Therefore the way in which the vineyards are cared for and managed is exemplary. This is why the harvest is still carried out by hand.